The Support Teams Internal Organization

There are 3 Teams in Ebury which provide support of some sort. It is very important to know which one does what in order to create a quicker response
IT Service Desk:
This team is based in London and manages all tickets related to hardware issues, some applications (Alpha, Barx, Reuters,...) as well as technical issues related to the daily use of computers.
NVM issues are also managed by the IT Service Desk Team.
Salesforce issues are also supported by this team.
Systems Support:
Manages all tickets about network and system issues, such as IP Unblocking.
Manages all tickets related to internal applications (BOS, EBO, etc).
It is your reference point for most of your daily issues with this type of services.
The Tech team is also responsible for the supervision of the creation/modification/deletion of users in google apps, as well as supervises the process of creation of groups and mail lists if necessary.
It also redirects the Salesforce tickets to the Salesforce Support Team as well as the Birst Tickets to the Birst Team.


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