What are the rules on Lapsing Prospects?

What does and does not lapse?

Only Prospect (Stage 1) or Prospect (Stage 2) will lapse, Applications or Clients are exempt and will show "N/A" in the Account.90_day_countdown field.

What are the rules?

Prospect (Stage 1) or Prospect (Stage 2) must be progressed to the next Qualification Stage within 90 days, or it will lapse

Why did it lapse when I had a callback?

Callbacks are not taken into account.

Who owns Lapsed Prospects?

The Lapsed Prospect user

Who does the Lapsing?

It is an automated process in Salesforce

Can I exempt my country from Lapsing?

Yes, speak to Duane and then it will need to come to Stuart and the Dev team for action

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