Create a new Solutions Brand Territory in Salesforce


  1. Someone with Salesforce Administrator access.
  2. A ZenDesk ticket with the new Brand information (this must include the 3 character Brand ID).

Create the Territory

In Salesforce click “Setup”, then “Territories” and in the left-hand side menu click on “Territory Models” click on “View Hierarchy”

From  the list of Territories, expand the list under “Solutions” using the + symbol next to it, then hover as below until you can see “Create Territory”. this to begin creating the new Territory. The page will look like this, and the example below shows a new Territory called “DarronE”...


Field name

What do I do?



Add the name of the Territory

So it has a name

Territory Name


It will be auto-populated

Territory Type

Select “Solution”

This is the type of Territory we need

Parent Territory

Nothing, unless it is blank

It should auto-populate, if not select “Solutions”

Brand ID

Add the BOS brand code

So it synchs “Save” to create the Territory.


Create and run the Territory rule

You now need to create a rule to assign records to this Territory. On the Territory you have just created, scroll down the page until you see the related list “Assignment rules assigned to this Territory” then click “New”.

… now name the rule, create the filter rule, and set it to active. In the “value” field, you need to add the name of the Territory you have just created; this field is a lookup to all existing Territories.

...when you are done, save the rule. Finally, you need to run it by clicking “Run rules”.

… you will receive an email from Salesforce when the rule has been run.

Find the SF Territory ID

Finally, get the Territory ID and add it to the Zendesk ticket so it can be synched to BOS. The SF ID is part of the URL, if you double-click on it then it will be selected. See below:

Add this ID to the ZenDesk ticket, and the SF side is complete.

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