Put Lapsed Leads back in the original owners name

Even though Lapsed is company policy and should not be undone, sometimes you need to re-allocate some Lapsed Leads back to the user who had them originally.

Build the report

In reports, search for, "Lapsed Leads with" and you should see a result in "Unfiled public reports" and one in the "Data Team" folder. Use either.

In the report, filter "Previous" owner to the user you are re-allocating to. Filter out any "Lost" Leads. You need three fields in the report for export and load:

1) Lead ID

2) Previous Owner

3) Lead Status

Export the file.

Prepare the load file

Replace as follows:

Lead Status: replace all values with "Lead"

Previous Owner: Rename this column to Lead Owner ID, replace all values with the user ID of the person you are re-allocating to

Save as a .csv file.


Do this in the usual way. You must update "Lead Owner ID" and "Lead Status" using the Lead SF IDs as the key.

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